Kent Reliance

  Kent Reliance is the only building society based in Kent. Incorporating the Chatham Reliance (established 1898) Dover District (established 1861) Herne Bay (established 1888) and Kent and Canterbury (established 1847), Kent Reliance is proud of having served the people of Kent for over 150 years.

Kent Reliance With assets of over £800 million, and with a network of branches and agencies throughout the county, we are continuing that proud tradition of service. But now the products and service that have made us the natural choice in Kent for mortgages and savings are available to borrowers and savers nationwide.

Kent Reliance As a building society we are run for the benefit of our members, and based on this commitment we have built a reputation for personal service, generous interest rates, and solid financial expertise.

Kent Reliance Today, our members enjoy all the benefits of a locally based building society plus the advantages of an efficient, competitive and specialist financial institution. By investing with Kent Reliance you'll get more than just a good return on your savings. You'll get the reassurance of knowing that you'll be looked after as well as your money.

As a member of Kent Reliance Building Society you can expect:

A complete range of competitive financial products and services delivered fairly and backed by policies of openness, fairness and

honesty Quick, flexible decisions - as a small organisation we have more discretion to make decisions locally Long term value you can rely on - as a building society with no external shareholders to reward, our profits go back into providing better products and services for you Kent Reliance Building Society - the natural choice for mortgages and savings.

Any Purpose Loans .
£100 to £100,000

small fast cash loan

personal loans

guarantor loans

help with debt

homeowner secured loans


  We are a Finance Brokers not Lenders
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